What to visit in Gerês?

Existem vários locais a visitar, estes são alguns exemplos, no nosso Blog pode consultar, mais informações.

albufeira da caniçada

Caniçada's Lake

One of the most unavoidable places in the Serra do Gerês, where you can glimpse a formidable sunset. Here it is possible to practice the most diverse water sports, including a boat trip on the Caldo River with tourist and environmental character. Accept the challenge and get to know all the surrounding landscape.
miradouro da pedra bela

Pedra Bela's Viewpoint

Located at 800 meters of altitude, the Pedra Bela viewpoint reflects the fantastic beauty of Peneda Gerês National Park. Being already one of the most visited places in the Serra do Gerês, here you can enjoy the forest constituted by Iberian Pines and Cedars, as well as an incredible view over the mountains, Caniçada, the Vila das Caldas do Gerês and Vilar da Veiga.
cascata do arado

Arado's Waterfall

Considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Peneda Gerês National Park, it is also one of the most visited. Its location at 900 meters of altitude and the succession of crystalline waterfalls provide the visitor a clear lake, in perfect harmony with the rock surrounding it. A fascinating phenomenon of nature.